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Versatile solution for the challenges of data management

Autori-system consists of a mobile application and a versatile web service which is meant for data handling, reporting and sharing. Autori allows inspecting the initial data for the job wherever you are, along with reporting tools which are quick and effortless to use. History of actions performed is easily accessible for different purposes in the web service.

Real time work supervision and reporting

The Premium-version of Autori contains comprehensive work supervision and reporting features. Instructions, plans, actions and observations are utilizable at real time in the mobile application and the web service. Autori also has a Light-version which is suitable for road address based tracking, inspecting road information, and showing record information and territorial borders on the map.

Wide support for different devices

The mobile application can be used with an internet browser (app.autori.fi) or as an Android-application. Web application makes the usage possible with wide range of devices. Our customers are using iOS, Android and Windows Phone -devices. User interface of the application adjusts based on the screen size and therefore it can be used on mobile devices of all sizes.

Autori Light

  • Road address based tracking
  • Map
  • Road registry information lookup with location or via map
  • Speed indicator
  • Road name presentation
  • Visualization of road registry information on the map
  • Visualization of territorial borders on the map

Autori Premium

In addition to features of the Light version

  • Weather camera pictures and road weather station information
  • Bridge registry information lookup with location or via map
  • Odometer
  • Displaying the current daily and periodic maintenance classes
  • Information service specific features:
    • Supportive map presentations
    • Quick entries with premade or userdefined inputs
    • Memo reporting with picture attachments
    • Driving route logging

Web service

  • Map and table based data management
  • Sharing and refining information
  • Road picture linking
  • Road and street address management
  • Road registry information lookup and visualization on map
  • Real time user monitoring
  • Weather camera pictures and road weather station information
  • Information service specific features:
    • Customizable report templates
    • Interfaces for other information systems
    • Document portal

Tietomekka offers following information services:

  • Road daily and periodic maintenance
  • Road and street lightning
  • Road markings
  • Road paving
  • Electricity distribution
  • Traffic counting and measuring (vehicle, pedestrians&cyclists and speed displays)
  • Bridge maintenance
  • Road information inventory
  • Quality control
  • Procurement consulting services
  • Railroad switch maintenance

In addition to information services Tietomekka offers consulting in R&D projects and digitalization consulting and training.

Additional information about Autori is provided by

  • CEO Keijo Pulkkinen
  • Development Manager Anssi Rytky

Additional information about Solutions is provided by

  • Product Manager Juha Ylilauri
  • Product Manager Ilkka Juusola
  • Product Manager Jaakko Hietajärvi


  • Tietomekka

    Tietomekka has offered software solutions and information services for customers since 1988. Our customers have been the road management authorities as well as infra-sector contractors and consultants. Our information services and software solutions have achieved widespread recognition for good practice and innovative solutions for customers in the usefulness of the operation.

  • Our know-how

    Our competitiveness is based on the continuous development of knowledge, our customers' business knowledge and creativity to combine the latest technology for customer-specific software solutions.

  • Our operating model

    Tietomekka aims to be widely networked, progressive information service and software provider in the infra-sector. Our operation is based on active following of global advancements, innovation and developing.

Tietomekka is one the companies selected to Kasvu Open growth path


The following infra-sector contractors and consultants are some of our customers:

Working with us

We are looking for a software designer to strengthen our agile and quickly reacting developer team. As a long-standing and reliable employer in the field, Tietomekka is capable of offering you a possibility to work as part of leading force in the infra-sector software and information service development. In addition you get a chance to take part in our passion of designing and programming quality software products.

Your tasks

As a software designer your tasks vary. You get to take part in different software production steps and improve your skills the direction you want to. Your tasks could include for example user interface programming, database optimizing, customer support or system integration. Your tasks are not predefined and you have a say in what you do. You get to use the newest technologies and innovate future solutions. We closely cooperate with our customers so will get direct feedback for your work.

We expect from you

  • Academic degree in related field
  • Programming skills
  • Capability and desire to develop and maintain our information services
  • Ability to think ahead
  • Positive attitude and good communication skills
  • Ability to function in a team

We appreciate your

  • Passion to develop yourself and desire to learn new things
  • Experience in using Microsoft's latest development tools (Visual Studio 2013 and 2015) and server environments (Windows Server 2012, IIS 8.0, Azure)
  • Knowledge of Microsoft technologies and frameworks (C#, ASP.NET 4.5, 4.6, 5.0)
  • Understanding of SQL Server 2012 (Database structures and spatial extensions)
  • Familiarity with HTML5 and related technologies (JavaScript, CSS3, HTML)

More than anything we are looking for a person who is motivated. Previous experience in technologies listed above is greatly appreciated but is not required.

We offer

Tietomekka offers you supportive and athletic work environment, responsible and interesting work assignments and competitive personnel benefits. We assure you find your place easily among other experts. Your working location would be Oulu.

Send your application

Send your application along with desired salary to our office address of Kivinharjuntie 11, 90220 Oulu or via email to keijo.pulkkinen(at)tietomekka.fi. More information about the position can be asked from our Chief Executive Officer Keijo Pulkkinen via email or by calling to +358 40 8212646


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Keijo Pulkkinen
Chief Executive Officer
+358 (0)40 821 2646

Anssi Rytky
Development Manager
+358 (0)40 532 5599

Juha Ylilauri
Product Manager
Road daily maintenance and street lights, inventory
+358 (0)400 581 187

Ilkka Juusola
Product Manager
Road pavement and markings, electrical grids
+358 (0)40 530 5517

Jaakko Hietajärvi
Product Manager
Road daily maintenance and electrical grids
+358 (0)40 803 1837

Ari Immonen
Service Business Manager
+358 (0)40 097 0246

Kari Merikanto
Software Designer
+358 (0)40 510 9817

Saku Viitalähde
Software Designer
+358 (0)400 598 780

Toni Tolonen
Software Designer
+358 (0)50 536 6938

Hannu Parkkila
Software Designer
+358 (0)40 548 7898

Matti Pulkkinen
Software Designer
+358 (0)40 734 9482

Toni Tervo
Social Media Expert
+358 (0)41 547 6301

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